Campaign Synopsis

O.e.a light infantry squad
h2. The Story So Far….

Beyond the reaches of the Milky Way lies a galaxy full of wonder and peril. The uneasy alliance of the Inner Sphere Council faces the deadly threat of the Pirate Warlords banding together and invading civilized space.

The Imperial Dominion of the Greater Houses, Humanity’s largest presence in this new galaxy, bravely stands against the Pirate Clans while facing discrimination from the Inner Sphere Council. Rival noble families seek to undermine the Emperor’s bid into having the Dominion join the Council. Will the older alien races of the council see Humanity as more than a infantile species trashing about space or will the Dominion come to a position of power?

Your Role in This Galaxy….

As freelancers of the Medusan Shield Mercenary Company, your characters will be contracted by one of the major houses of the Dominion to help set up and develop a vassal house. Players will have the fate of millions in their hands as they help bring success or failure to the noble house’s sector of space.

  • Special Thanks to That Slow Typing Guy from /tg/ on 4Chan. Your amazing quest thread was the inspiration of this campaign. **

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For House and Dominion

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